Difficulties of Meditation

One of the most common difficulties people face while meditating is overcoming their ego. This is not surprising given how our society prepares us to be egocentric. The first difficulty people typically face is the temptation to focus on something other than what they are doing. In order to overcome this, they must learn to[…]

लोका जानि न भूलौ भाई।

लोका जानि न भूलौ भाई।खालिक खलक, खलक मह खालिक, सब घटि रहा समाई।।अब्बलि अल्लह नूर उपाया, कुदरति के सभ बन्दे।एक नूर ते सब जग किया, कौन भले कौन मंदे।।ता अल्लाह की गति नहीं जानी, गुरु गुड़ दीन्हा मीठा।कहै कबीर मैं पूरा पाया, सब घटि साहिब दीठा।।– सन्त शिरोमणि, भगवान कबीर

What is Power Yoga?

PIN power yoga in delhi
What is Power Yoga? – An Intense, Dynamic Version of Gym Yoga “POWER YOGA – for bodybuilders, fitness models, wrestlers and singers,” you might have heard. Or, you might have seen it described this way: “A powerful and flexible mid-section with explosive power moves.” Perhaps you’ve seen it described as “yoga with a twist.” Or,[…]

Types of Meditation

PIN types of meditation by yogi anand
4 Types of Meditation When it comes to meditation, the types of techniques you use are very important. Many people are confused about how the different types of meditation work but, in fact, the more common types of meditation will be more effective than the less common ones. The main types of meditation are: Pranayama[…]

Ultra Psychology: Inner Peace and Joy, by Yogi Anand – Adwait Yoga School

PIN psychology
The Peace and Joy, which depend on external factors, such as a person, a place, and specific situations, are not true and long lasting Peace and Joy, rather, depending peace and joy sometimes eventually become depressive, agonizing, painful, tormenting, unbearable and fatal too. We want a favorable, comfortable and stress-free relationship, work, situations and circumstances,[…]
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