Types of Meditation

PIN types of meditation by yogi anand
4 Types of Meditation When it comes to meditation, the types of techniques you use are very important. Many people are confused about how the different types of meditation work but, in fact, the more common types of meditation will be more effective than the less common ones. The main types of meditation are: Pranayama[…]

Ultra Psychology: Inner Peace and Joy, by Yogi Anand – Adwait Yoga School

PIN psychology
The Peace and Joy, which depend on external factors, such as a person, a place, and specific situations, are not true and long lasting Peace and Joy, rather, depending peace and joy sometimes eventually become depressive, agonizing, painful, tormenting, unbearable and fatal too. We want a favorable, comfortable and stress-free relationship, work, situations and circumstances,[…]

Watch "योग वास्तव में क्या है? असली स्वास्थ्य क्या है? जानें श्री योगी आनंद जी, अद्वैत योग विद्यालय, से" on YouTube

योग क्या है? वस्तुत: योग ब्रह्म और जीव का संपूर्ण मिलन, अर्थात् पुरुष और प्रकृति का संपूर्ण मिलन है। इस योग अर्थात् मिलन के बीच में बाधा क्या है? व्यक्ति का “मैं”, “कर्तापन”, अहं प्रमुख बाधा है। इन्हें हटाना ही साधना है। इसके पश्चात् व्यक्ति पूर्ण स्वस्थ अर्थात् “स्व” में स्थित हो जाता है। वास्तविक[…]

Watch "What is Energetic Anatomy and Physiology? Yoga Teacher Training Course Curriculum Topic, Yogi Anand" on YouTube

Sri Yogi Anand describes about the Energetic Anatomy and Physiology. This video explains briefly about 5 bodies or koshas (sheathes), 5 Pranas (vital forces), 7 Chakras (energy centers), 3 Nadis (energy channels), 3 Gunas (qualities of nature), 3 ayurvedic doshas (bio-elements), 5 mahabhutas (elements of nature), etc. 5 bodies are:1. Annamaya Sharir (gross body made[…]
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