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Intuition v/s Discriminations

Buddha says, in order to progress on the path of Enlightened Life, Discrimination is wrong, Discriminating mind is erroneous mind, and can’t reach and stay in the Enlightenment. It deviates an aspirant, devotee and Yogi from the Right Path. The Divine, residing in the Heart, instructs one to go on a path, or to do something,[…]

Life Transformation – realizing the Light and Power of our own Luminous Mind

Everyone is on the journey of Life Transformation, knowingly or unknowingly, since inconceivable time, till the complete Transformation takes place; which realistic people say being Super Mind, which Hindus say to attain Brahman, which Buddhists say to attain Nirvana, and different sects, religions, groups term this with different names. Knowingly unknowingly everyone is moving towards[…]

INNER VOICE, The Voice of Divine

This has been an innate nature of Every Enlightened One or Buddha, to hear INNER VOICE. In addition, this is the mystery of Greatness and being Successful and Happy in all aspects. INNER VOICE is nothing but the Voice of God or Divine Mind. God never misguides and misleads anyone.  So first let an aspirant[…]
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