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Life Transformation – realizing the Light and Power of our own Luminous Mind

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Yogi Anand
Yogi Anand

Everyone is on the journey of Life Transformation, knowingly or unknowingly, since inconceivable time, till the complete Transformation takes place; which realistic people say being Super Mind, which Hindus say to attain Brahman, which Buddhists say to attain Nirvana, and different sects, religions, groups term this with different names.

Knowingly unknowingly everyone is moving towards the same ONE GOAL. Some will reach soon, and some will reach by late. They who are conscious of this Goal and sincere in his /her efforts will reach soon, others in a long time; some would attain in this current life time, some in upcoming few lives, and some in coming so many lives. And making the efforts to reach this Goal is called Sadhana.

This journey is unlike the normal journey we make, like travelling from one place to other place; instead this is inner journey, to reach somewhere in our inner world, and that destination or goal is to reach our own Supreme State of mind that is called Luminous Mind, or Divine Mind or Brahman or Nirvana. This Luminous Mind is covered with defilements, counterfeits, pollution, impairment, contamination, uncleanness, slur, impurity, impure thoughts, filthiness, dirt, etc. Unless the defilements are cleared away the light of our own Mind doesn’t shine, and enlighten & empower our lives. At the same time, we should be aware that our Luminous Mind is not completely covered, rather covered with such some layers, which give the way to Luminous Mind to reach us in a proportionate, hence the we are able to live the lives, else static, unmoved state of life would be there. Less the defilements more the Light shines of one’s own Mind. Sadhana is to remove these defilements earnestly, sincerely and vigorously, so as to realize and manifest the immense Light of our own Mind.

With awareness or mindfulness and efforts we can remove these defilements. More we are aware or mindful the more this process expedites. While reading, listening, thinking, sleeping, dreaming, imagining, determining, correcting, reacting, speaking, writing, expressing ourselves in any way; nay in all activities of life, we need to be mindful, aware and intelligent enough to transform our inabilities, weaknesses, incompetence, demerits, and other wickedness, into abilities, strength, competence, merits, and virtues, since doing all these activities help eliminate and remove the dirt or defilements dormant over our own Luminous Mind. And consequently life will be transformed from un-divine to Divine; from gloomy, frustrated, depressed, wretched and sad, to Bright, Calm, Prosperous, and Happy.

Try this, it works. I am a witness.


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Yogi Anand Adwait

Sri Yogi Anand is an ordained Himalayan Yogi, Yoga Mediation Master, Spiritual Guru, Life Coach, Writer, Eloquent Speaker, and Founder of Adwait Foundation® and Adwait Yoga School.

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