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6 Best Yoga Asanas for cholesterol control

Yoga Asanas for cholestrol control

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Cholesterol is a significant cause of high blood pressure, and yoga shows to lower cholesterol levels and control obesity. It is important to remember that certain postures are not for everyone, especially if you suffer from heart conditions or high cholesterol. 

Yoga asanas are great for lowering cholesterol levels because they improve the energy flow in the body and reduce stress. This can perform before or after eating, as it helps to stimulate active digestion. It also relieves cramps and improves circulation. They help to relax the muscles in the pelvic region and are an excellent choice for people trying to lower cholesterol levels.

Baddha Konasana ( Butterfly Pose)

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Baddha Konasana is the best yoga pose for Cholesterol. It also helps you tone the abdominal organs, releases excess fat, and helps relieve mild depression and stress. In addition, this posture improves blood circulation and improves the quality of sleep. 

Performing Baddha konasana is a great way to stretch your thighs and hips. It also helps you prepare your body for seated poses that require good flexibility of the hips. 

It is one of the most beneficial poses for the body. This posture helps the body relax and lower blood sugar levels. It also stimulates the kidneys, bladder, and abdominal organs. Begin by lying down with your knees bent and bring your heels closer to your pelvic region. During this pose, you should breathe deeply to ensure that your neck and upper back are relaxed and not strained.


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There are many benefits of Paschimottanasana. This is an excellent pose for the digestive system, boosting the liver’s detox functions and helping the body burn excess belly fat. It can be done right after eating and effectively reduces cholesterol levels. This is a simple but powerful pose. It can be performed for three to four minutes in the seated position and can help those with high cholesterol levels.

This posture helps lower cholesterol levels and reduce abdominal fat. It helps to strengthen the digestive system by opening blocked energy channels. They also enhance digestion and lowers the risk of constipation in the body. It can also help control obesity. It also best performs with a yoga instructor who is skilled and knowledgeable about preventing heart disease. This practice also benefits people with heart disease, high cholesterol, and obesity.

Increasing cholesterol levels severely threaten the heart and may lead to a heart attack. High cholesterol levels may even be fatal if left unchecked. Thankfully, a healthy diet and regular yoga sessions can help you regulate your cholesterol levels without the need to take expensive medications.

Besides improving your metabolic processes, yoga poses also increase your HDL levels and lower your LDL levels. They also strengthen your digestive system and increase your stamina. It improves bowel movements and helps you lose weight.

Sarvangasana ( Shoulder Stand Yoga Pose)

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The Sarvangasana is one of the most beneficial yoga asanas for controlling cholesterol. It stimulates the thyroid gland, producing hormones that break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. As a result, it can boost your metabolism, lower cholesterol and improve your overall health. Sarvangasana also helps you build muscular shoulders, arms, and a healthy abdomen.

This posture works the whole spine and opens the chest. It also stimulates the heart muscles and releases stiffness. It shows to reduce cholesterol levels and prevents heart attacks and heart disease. It’s an excellent option for people who have heart problems.

One of the benefits of Sarvangasana is that it improves blood circulation and oxygen in the brain. It also relieves stress in the stomach and its internal organs. It also helps you fight fatigue and weakness. To practice this yoga pose, you should lie down on a yoga mat, keep your back straight, take a deep breath, and raise your legs to the maximum height.

This asana helps regulate the production of thyroid hormones, which help break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins in your body. In addition, it improves blood circulation and artery health. It also increases metabolism and stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps rid the body of waste materials.

Shalabhasana ( Locust Yoga pose)

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One of the essential factors in a healthy diet is physical exercise, and Shalabhasana is one of the best ways to control cholesterol levels. The pose helps to massage the organs in the abdomen, improve digestion, and stimulate the liver. To do Shalabhasana, sit seated with your hands on your knees. Then, twist your waist and spine.

It improves digestion, stimulates the liver, and strengthens the whole body. This pose is suitable for beginners and is easy to do. It also helps relieve constipation.

Another yoga pose that helps control cholesterol levels is the Circle Pose. This pose strengthens the lower back and spine and helps relieve back pain. However, it should not perform by people with back or knee injuries. The pose also helps in strengthening the immune system.

Another beneficial yoga pose is the Shalabhasana. This posture helps the digestive system by massaging the organs. It also increases circulation and helps flush the body of excess cholesterol and fat. It also strengthens the back and strengthens the legs.

Chakarasana ( Wheel Pose)

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One of the most popular yoga poses is Chakarasana. It improves digestion by activating the abdominal muscles. It is also known as the wheel pose. This pose is performed by lying on your back and raising your arms and legs upwards. It would help if you then hold your big toes with your fingers.

This posture helps to lower the cholesterol in the body. However, to benefit from this pose, it is necessary to practice it properly. To perform this yoga pose, you must lie down on your back, stretch your legs up the wall, and rock side to side. The goal is to hold the pose for about two minutes.

Performing this yoga pose after meals is beneficial for lowering cholesterol levels. It also promotes active digestion, relieves cramps, and increases blood circulation. Another yoga pose that helps control cholesterol is the diamond pose, which requires kneeling on your knees.

Paschimottanasana is another yoga asana that reduces cholesterol levels in the body. It is important to remember that this pose had not recommended for people with heart or other health problems. Doing yoga poses with care is essential to avoid injury or worsening health conditions.

Chakarasana is a great way to get rid of belly fat and boost the metabolism. It is also an excellent choice for developing abs.

Vajrasana ( Thunderbolt Yoga Pose)

Vajrasana is one of the essential yoga poses and is a beautiful way to lower cholesterol. It stimulates the liver and helps the digestive system and is also an excellent way to relieve stress and tension. It is also beneficial for kids, as it helps strengthen the whole body.

To perform the pose correctly, you must be able to sit properly with a straight spine and straight legs. You should be able to touch your toes and lift your arms. The pose aims to stretch the abdominal muscles and help them break down fat and improve digestion. 

Vajrasana is a simple yoga pose that has many hidden benefits. It improves blood circulation in the gut while reducing blood circulation in the lower body. It also uses to treat constipation and hypertension. However, it’s essential to consult a physician before attempting this pose.

Practicing Vajrasana is a great way to lower cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is essential to the human body and requires cell membranes and membrane fluids. It also plays a role in hormone and vitamin D synthesis. Although cholesterol is a necessary part of the body, too much can cause problems, including heart attack and stroke.


Yoga has a beneficial effect on blood lipid levels in individuals with hyperlipidemia. Yoga is likely related to changes in the quality of life and health-related quality of life.

One significant benefit of yoga is that it improves the ability to deal with stressful situations and lowers cortisol levels. The lowered cortisol levels may be part of the improvement in lipid levels observed in patients who practice yoga.

Another benefit of yoga is that it improves overall health and can reduce the risk of various health problems. In addition, practicing yoga can result in a healthy lifestyle, reducing alcohol consumption, stress, and other health-related problems. These health benefits can be beneficial for the community.

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