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Brahmacharya gives you healthy body, brilliant mind and blessed Soul. Glory to Brahmacharya! Sage Patanjali realizes – ब्रह्मचर्य प्रतिष्ठायाम् वीर्यलाभः (brahmacharya pratishthayam veeryalabhah), means – One gains the robust energy practicing and establishing the Brahmacharya. Upanishads say – in the past, many divine souls attained the immortality through Brahmacharya.

Yogi Anand Adwait

Yogi Anand Adwait

Sri Yogi Anand is an ordained Himalayan Yogi, Yoga Mediation Master, Spiritual Guru, Life Coach, Writer, Eloquent Speaker, and Founder of Adwait Foundation® and Adwait Yoga School.

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