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7 effective Yoga Asanas For Asthma

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Yoga Asanas are an excellent method to cure asthma. These exercises focus on breathing and relaxing the body. They are also very effective in reducing stress and anxiety, leading to asthma attacks. A good yoga asana for asthma is Sukhasana. This pose is a simple one. It involves bending forward with the knees. Hold it for six to eight breaths.

The forward bend asana, also known as Dandasana, is a good yoga asana for asthma. It opens the chest and relieves anxiety while strengthening the back and core muscles. The best performed with a wall in front of you. This pose is excellent for opening up the chest and increasing circulation to these areas. It is also beneficial for the lower back and mood.

The seated pose is another excellent yoga asanas for asthma patients. It relaxes the mind and helps control stress, which is essential when managing asthma. In Sukhasana, you breathe through one nostril and then the other. You repeat this cycle several times a day.

Yoga helps the body align with the mind and better understand what triggers an asthma attack. It also helps with breathing more evenly. As a result, yoga helps asthma patients learn to relax and stay calm in scary situations.

Sukhasana (Simple yoga asanas for asthma)

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Sukhasana, also known as the easy sitting pose, is a powerful asana that can help people with asthma focus on their breathing and control. This yoga pose is also considered an excellent workout for the lungs. To do sukhasana, a practitioner sits with their legs stretched out in front of them and folds their left leg inside their right thigh. They stretch the lungs and strengthen the spine. The practitioner should breathe normally and hold the pose for several minutes.

Sukhasana is beneficial for people with asthma because it stretches the chest, back, and abdomen. There are ideal for practicing this pose in the morning when one’s body is fresh and not tired. They were also helpful for those suffering from anxiety; they helped regulate breathing patterns and alleviate symptoms.

But it is important to note that this method is not a permanent cure for asthma. It is best to seek the advice of a certified yoga trainer before trying sukhasana. Pranayama exercises are also beneficial for people with asthma as an alternative method. They help calm the body and open airways, which can help with breathing difficulties and improve the quality of life.

Another simple and effective pose for people with asthma is the cobra pose. To perform this pose:

  1. Bend forward with the knees touching the ground.
  2. Stretch the back and belly muscles while lifting the torso.
  3. Hold the position for 15 to 30 seconds.

This yoga asana is also suitable for promoting mental calmness and strengthening the spine.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose is a backbend yoga asanas)

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The Bhujangasana, also known as the Cobra pose, is a backbend that can benefit people with Asthma. Its gentle motion helps open the chest and spine and relieves stiffness and stress. This backbend also stretches the neck and shoulders and improves blood circulation throughout the body.

In addition to its therapeutic benefits for people with Asthma, Bhujangasana also helps open the chest and strengthens the chest and lungs. It would help if you began on a flat stomach with your hands on the floor in this backbend. Bend your knees so your fingertips touch the base and your shoulder blades drawback. Hold this position for about 30 seconds.

 The benefits of these postures are varied, but most improve lung capacity and open the chest. Bhujangasana, or the cobra pose, helps to strengthen the chest and lungs. It also opens the chest and front body.

This best did the Bhujangasana Cobra pose in the morning. To perform this pose, lie on your back and lift your torso to the point that your lower back is comfortable. Lift your shoulders away from your ears and move your shoulder blades towards your mid-back. They should align the back of your neck with your chin and head.


Dhanurasana is a yoga asana that strengthens the spine and relieves respiratory issues. It stimulates the thyroid gland and opens the chest while maintaining the legs and arms, that also known to relieve stress and depression. It is effective for people who have Asthma.

Dhanurasana is beneficial for those who have Asthma because of its ability to cleanse the lungs. This asana is restorative for patients who experience frequent attacks of Asthma. It can help control asthma symptoms, but it is essential to perform it only once or twice a week.

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Dhanurasana also improves the immune system. Because it strengthens the spine and helps the body get oxygenated, and helps with lower back pain. As a bonus, this asana promotes a more positive mood. Practicing this pose regularly can help those with asthma and those without it. It is safe to practice this asana for up to 4 minutes, and they have a profound effect on asthma symptoms.

The Wheel-like asana stretches the upper body and the back. This asana can help open the heart chakra, improving the person’s overall health. It also promotes a feeling of spiritual power. The pose also stretches the hamstrings.


Performing Purvottanasana regularly can be very helpful for people with asthma. It will improve the flow of oxygen throughout the body. It will also strengthen the spine and help people living with asthma breathe easier. They can practice this pose any time of day. This pose is a seated pose that opens up the lungs. It should be performed under the supervision and involves resting the back on the ground. 

Repeat this pose twenty times. It is important to breathe slowly and deeply during this pose. This exercise is also beneficial for people with asthma who experience attacks frequently. Yoga is an excellent natural treatment for asthma and can help people with this condition live a healthy life.

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It is a natural remedy that can manage and even cure asthma. The breathing techniques and postures are synchronized and provide significant relief to asthmatic patients. When you perform this exercise, you should always do it under expert supervision. Do not attempt it if you are pregnant or have any waist discomfort.

They can perform on an empty stomach. It is best not to attempt this pose if you are a beginner. Purvottanasana is a challenging intermediate yoga asana that requires strength, balance, and flexibility. To ensure you are performing it correctly, taking online classes or joining a yoga studio is a good idea. You can also incorporate it into your home workout.


Uttanasana is an effective yoga pose for people with Asthma because it helps open the chest and strengthens the back and core. It is best performed with the spine straight and with deep breathing. People with Asthma can also benefit from Baddhakonasana, which involves stretching the back and opening the chest. Another effective yoga poses for people with Asthma is Bhujangasana. This pose helps open the chest and throat.

Uttanasana is effective for people with Asthma because it works to open up the chest and calm the mind. The yoga pose also helps the respiratory system by stretching the abdominal muscles and switching the nervous system into the parasympathetic (resting) mode. As a result, the asthma sufferer’s breathing improves, and their symptoms diminish. The best time to practice this yoga pose is in the morning or before a meal.

Uttanasana is the first yoga pose in the Yoga for Asthma series. The practitioner must bend forward from his hips with the head hanging freely. These poses release serenity in the brain, calm the nervous system and relax facial muscles.

While Uttanasana is an outstanding yoga pose for people with Asthma, it can also be a good stress reliever. It also improves lung function and helps manage stress. As a bonus, it’s easy to do and has to do while taking medication.


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The Dandasana yoga pose is known for its health benefits, including the relief of symptoms of asthma. It strengthens the chest and abdomen muscles and opens the lungs and respiratory system. The pose requires the practitioner to maintain a straight spine and deep breathing.

It also helps in relieving stress and improving breathing. The asana is most effective on an empty stomach, preferably before a meal. The proper execution of the asana is crucial for treating asthma. Yoga instructors can help patients find the right pose for their body type and condition.

It is an anti-gravity, hanging asana that helps relieve asthma symptoms by opening the airway and reducing Kapha. This pose also helps increase blood circulation in the lungs. As a result, a person with asthma will feel much better in a few days.

Dandasana is beneficial for people with asthma because it helps open the chest and lungs and switches the nervous system into relaxation mode. The parasympathetic nervous system activates by relaxing the body, calming the mind, and promoting better sleep.
Dandasana is a basic yoga pose that anyone of any age can practice. Even children as young as five years old can perform it without difficulty. They recommend it for beginners. It is also an excellent pose for people with back pain, depression, or balance problems.

Bhaddhakonasana ( Butterfly Yoga Asanas)

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Bhaddhakonasana is a calming and relaxing yoga posture that they can use to ease asthma symptoms. It stretches the body and opens the chest, improving oxygen flow to the lungs. It also helps to improve digestion and immunity. They can also use it to relax the body’s muscles.

This calming pose is best performed on an empty stomach or before meals. The bending of the hips and opening of the chest makes it an ideal breathing exercise for people with asthma. It also improves blood circulation and can help with bronchitis symptoms.

Asthma is a common condition, but yoga can help relieve it. The breathing exercises strengthen the lungs, decrease nervous system activity, and cleanse air passages. This imbalance blocks the flow of food and water through the body, resulting in shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. The condition can lead to death if not treated. Several yoga asanas can use to help treat this chronic lung condition.

Bhaddhakonasana is an ancient Indian yoga posture that can help patients with asthma. This yoga asana improves lung function and quality of life. It also helps reduce the number of asthma attacks. Allergens and pollen often trigger asthma. The breathing exercises can also help patients improve their immune systems.


Yoga asana is Beneficial for Asthma. Regular Practice of yoga asana will improve the lung Functions and the whole systems in our body. Yoga asanas also help in increasing flexibility, Muscles strength, and body tone. It is best to practice yoga asanas under the guidance of a trained yoga teacher.

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