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How to live Enlightened and Blessed Life

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Dear Disciple, Namaste!

Hope you are well and doing Great!
You’ve said:
“My only desire is to be simple, true and faithful to the God in me.”
This is really a noble desire, which can lead, if making efforts to make this true, into the world of Ultimate Happiness. In fact, the simple, true and faithful life itself is Divine Life or Blessed Life, instead of having so many challenges and superficial sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief, despair and dissatisfaction.
Just stick to this noble desire and making this true, and your Spirit will enjoy the unfading and inconceivable Bliss.
You: “I ask for insight so that I can truly live my story, the story God intended me to live.”
I appreciate your aspiration to live the perfect life filled with Insight, Peace and Bliss.
In ancient India, it had been a common rule of life. The children would go to the Ashram (School of Enlightenment Education) to the Guru, and when the would get Enlightenment, some would live the recluse life there only, leading the celibate life, and some of them would return to the household life, and the would start doing their businesses according to their tastes and strength. There they would test themselves for their capabilities whether the are living the enlightened life or not. And most people would be successful, and if some of them would get some difficulties, they would contact their Teachers/Gurus for guidance and then, they would rectify their faults with determination and right efforts. There is very less chance to live life sorrowful, if any one is Enlightened, if anyone has attained the Enlightenment. With Enlightenment, all the arts to live blessed life comes. One becomes very expert to live happy and blessed life, and can guide others too.
You’ve asked about INSIGHT. Insight is our very nature, that is original, that can’t be copied, that must be there one’s own, which come out of the Realization of Truth. Insight must be very very creative. The one’s own Insight can be Creative, which is born with the Realization of The Ultimate Principle of Reality.
There is only one Insight present in every True Enlightened One. And with that Insight only, every thing, every one should be viewed, understood and behaved, be that very near and dear, or far or lofty. Every thing/one should be seen and viewed as dream, as drama, as superficial, false, transitory, like passing cloud, like a magician’s magic. This is bitter and indigestible for the ones who are of very possessive nature, who’ve deep attachments, whose eyes are covered with dust of Delusion and Cravings. Delusion and Cravings must be wisely abandoned. Tranquility and Insight must be wisely developed. The Delusion and Cravings free mind only can make one both to see and to know the Reality of every thing, one and incident.
God doesn’t make any story. This is an Individual who makes one’s own Story. One can give any turn at any time in the story of one’s life, if he/she diligently wants. Let’s remember the exhortation of Lord Krishna, given to his beloved disciple, Arjuna. He exhorts him, that you are the heir of the fruits of your Karma, be that sweet or bitter. God is not responsible for any good or bad in your life. You yourself is responsible for the Happiness or Misery of your life. God loves every one without discrimination. God has equal compassion for his all children be they devil or divine. God doesn’t have any discrimination, yet he discriminates, He gives the Blessings who live the life in conformity to the Ultimate Laws of Reality. One oneself is the Programmer of one’s Life Application, he/she can edit the Program written with really very very large and tiresome codes in backend. Front-end is just a small presentation of Large Programming in side. We’ve to understand our programming of life, we’ve to check out for the errors by ourselves, or by the Expert, and must fix as soon as possible, if we want to run the Application of Life without Error.

Realize The Ultimate Principle of Reality and lead the Life accordingly. Thus stay Blessed.

Universal Being
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Sri Yogi Anand is an ordained Himalayan Yogi, Yoga Mediation Master, Spiritual Guru, Life Coach, Writer, Eloquent Speaker, and Founder of Adwait Foundation® and Adwait Yoga School.

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