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Perfection of Both Aspects of Nature

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Yesterday I was tagged in an image post of Osho, which contains an excerpt of Osho on Women. Following is that excerpt:

“Women have a totally different kind of being. Her whole body needs love. It is not sexuality. Her whole body is orgasmic. That’s why there is tremendous trouble. Man comes to orgasm quickly — within two minutes — and the woman has not even started. The woman takes a little time. Her whole body has to become ready, ecstatic. Her whole body has to join the dance. Only then can she feel orgasmic joy. So she is not actually interested in the prick. She is more interested in hugging, in being close to you, in the warmth of your body. She wants to be surrounded by your love, she wants to surround you with her love.”

I was asked by one of my dear friends for my comment on above excerpt.

Following is my comment:

Osho talks, in that excerpt, about women’s totality and superiority of womanhood. That is true. In some aspects women are greater than men and in some aspects men are greater than women. Telling simply that women are greater than men or men are greater than women, will be incomplete statement. Nature is Perfect, no one can condemn it or prove it’s imperfection. Every atom of Nature is perfect, then what about sentient being!

Yin and Yang: Two aspects of Energy

Seemingly, there are two kinds of Energy in the existence masculine and feminine, yin and yang, positive and negative, favorable and non-favorable, supportive and non-supportive, black and white, left and right, dharmic and adharmic, brilliant and dull, light and darkness, day and night; both have significance, both are neither superior nor inferior, none of them can be proved superior or inferior, both are essential for the balance in the existence, both are like inseparable both faces of a coin, both are co-existing, both are one in reality, but superficially look separate and contrary of each other. Both are scientific. One can’t stand without other.

Ardhanarishwara; both aspects male and female of Lord Shiva

So praising and delivery the positive parts about one aspect and condemning the other aspect is ignorance. Therefore, an Enlightened One gets silent because he/she sees very clearly as in the meridian glory of the sun light, that nothing is major or minor, every thing is major and minor in a time. And enjoys the phenomena of ups and downs of each aspects or parts of a complete being, complete life, complete world, complete existence.

Light and Darkness: Two aspects of Sunlight

And that vision born of Enlightenment gives the utmost Peace. That is why I speak that The Enlightenment gives The Ultimate and Incessant Happiness.
With Divine Love and Light,

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