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Role of Prana, Life Energy in Meditation

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Role of Prana, Life Energy in Meditation

There is no doubt that Meditation re-shapes, reforms, and enhances the life, in order to experience and manifest the life transformed to Super Wisdom, Energy, and Action. Therefore, people want to learn the meditation through different sources, mediums and people, and they start practicing meditation to witness the development and transformation in life, but if they don’t experience this, they get discouraged and leave the practices amidst the way, so sometimes, people are near to the result, but due to this sudden give up, they miss the result, miss the fruit, which were to realize sooner after crossing the last gate. You are also aware that if the water is not heated up to 100 degree Celsius, it doesn’t get vaporized, though you have heated it up to 99 degree Celsius, and if you give up the heating process at even 99, you would miss the result, so also, if you don’t integrate, collect, compose and channelize your life energy completely, 100%, you don’t practice meditation 100%, in order to access your Full Luminous Divinity, your Godhood, Buddhahood, Supramental State. So, the integrity, collection, and channelization of life energy or Prana or Chi plays a great role in Meditation, to experience and manifest the Super Energy.

How to Integrate the Life Energy or Prana

To manage, integrate and harness an energy one has to know first its nature and behavior. The nature of Prana is very soft, gentle and bright, if that is purified, but impure prana is very opposite in nature comparing to pure Prana. Pure prana is very non-violent, soft, malleable, unblemished, luminous and infinite, but impure prana is absolutely opposite. In other words, pure Prana is good and impure bad. It’s purity or impurity which makes prana gentle or rascal, non-violent or violent, good or bad, harmonious or non-harmonious, peaceful or monkey-kind means restless, fickle, jumping from one branch to others, from one theme to other, from one subject to other very quickly, very wavering.

Human beings have come across so many instinctive, impure beast, birds, insects, etc lives, so the impressions of previous lives remain in the core of heart, which make ones to behave like animals, impurely, violently, unmanageably.  Here, I would like to mention that all beasts, birds, insects, etc are not impure, are not violent, are not impure but most of them, whose DNA have impure. Buddha had mentioned that in his previous lives, he had been animals, birds, etc but very gentle, very non-violent, very pure even in the bodies of them. Not only Buddha, but all saints, who had been animals in their previous lives, had been very gentle, non-violent, sober and kind. So, the core thing is of purity in DNA, in the cells of the body. Unless all the cells, means the whole prana, of the body is cool, calm, peaceful, gentle, non-violent, chaste, pure, and unattached, means transformed completely, one can’t enter into the higher state of Dhyana or Meditation. That transformation doesn’t sustain and perpetuated unless the Prana lives in these conditions for a really long long time, hence the company, the associations, the Satsanga (company with true, holy, yogi people) with really Sat-purushas (True and holy ones) is an essential ingredient of perfection in Meditation to experience and manifest the Noble and Supreme invincible power.

The necessity of Satsanga or Association with Yogis to understand and manage the life energy

Satsanga or Association with true yogis, pure souls miraculously purifies and corrects your prana or life energy, whereby you become eligible to practice dhyana or jhana or zen or meditation. The more your life energy is pure the more deep meditation takes place. Real yogis teach you, guide you, help you overcome the impurities of your cells and molecules your life energy, thereby your body become healthy, supple, pure, soft, gentle to enter into dhyana.

That is why Lord Krishna says in Geeta, ‘buddham sharanam anavichhwa’, ‘tadviddhi pranipaten pariprashnens sewaya’, go to a truly enlightened one, salute him/her from whole body cells, and then inquire about the methods how to purify your molecules of the body, aggregates of your personality, so as to practice meditation to transform your life. Also ask the methods of meditation, to experience and manifest the divinity of your Soul, who/which is at present covered, uneffective, sleeping, dormant, killed like.

Some methods to manage your life energy during meditation

Life energy consists of space, air, fire, water which in Ayurveda called respectively aakash, vaat, pitta and kaffa. All these are managed and governed by mind (chitta). So, there are five aggregates of life mind, space, air, fire and water, which make gaseous, liquid and solid organs of life. Blood is a form of liquid part, and other stuff and organs, delicate or solid, of the body, are made out of blood only. If one’s blood is pure, one’s whole body becomes healthy, soft, supple, and gentle, able to practice meditation naturally. So, all of them first are to be purified by some yogic methods.

Followings are some methods for purification of life energy:

  • Asanas (Postures)
  • Pranayama (Breathing techniques)
  • Bandhas (Muscular locks)
  • Mudras (Gestures and some organic energy circuits)
  • Dhyana (mindfulness in transcendental state)

You can learn above yogic methods from any expert and prolific Yogi, who are truly experienced and versed in above techniques. I am sure, if you are consistent and persistent in the above practices you shall be able to experience this truth that the Prana or Life Energy plays a great role in meditation in order to experience and manifest God in your behaviors, and day to day life, so as to make your life healthy, vibrant, fit, success, rich, harmonious and happy.

Never forget, when you get the energy, strength, power, you must care, serve, enlighten, and empower the whole sentient and innocent beings of the whole existence. Only then you shall be able to continually live with Power for long.
Om Shanti!

Disclaimer: The above information is originally written by Yogi Anand, and not to be used by any person or organization for any commercial purposes, however can be shared for educational purposes to a larger audience freely. 

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