The Bliss of Awakening or Bodhi or Enlightenment is Un-surpassing and Non-comparable.


The Bliss of Awakening or Bodhi or Enlightenment is Un-surpassing and Non-comparable.

Every Joy or Sorrow, Success or Failure, Honor or Dishonor, Praise or Blame, Abundance or Insufficiency, etc is like DREAM. In this real like life, all of aforesaid are as same as you confront them in Dream state; also their realities are same as of dream. But the Law works every where equally without any partiality. The Law of Attraction, The Law of Karma, The Law of Forgiveness, The Law of Success or Failure, Praise or Blame, Abundance or Poverty, etc, work efficiently and without fail in waking life as well as in Dreaming life.

You feel Joy when you get Success and honor; you feel happy when you are praised and get richness, in like manner, you feel sorrow when you get failure or dishonored or blamed or any one hits you or poverty, etc, in the same degree and intensity, as you feel them in waking state. terializes.  that leads you to a place, people, situationsBut when you get up from dream state you laugh at your feelings and emotions you had in the dream against those good or bad, favorable or unfavorable superficial mental states. In the same way, when you realize Real Awakening or Ultimate Principles of Reality or Bodhi or Enlightenment, also all of phenomena of waking life you consider or view them very clearly and evidently as Dream, and you begin to get established in EQUANIMITY. THE EQUANMITY is the Fruit of Awakening or Bodhi or Enlightenment; it’s Joy is Un-surpassing and Non-comparable.


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