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The more you try to expedite the process of Enlightenment, the more slower becomes the process. To realize the Supreme Enlightenment one has to remain very passive and submissive to the Divine, yet very Conscious and Alert.

The Realm of Nirvana or Enlightenment is just opposite to the World. This Truth is explained also by Yamaraja (The King of Death) unto Nachiketa in Katha Upanishad. He emphatically discloses this fact to Nachiketa saying – ‘durmeta viprite vishuchi’ (The Spiritual World is extremely farther and opposite to the mundane world; and also unscheduled).

The mundane world needs activeness, passion, burning desire, material abundance, goal setting, scheduled time, plannings, visualizatoins, etc, all of these things are forbidden for Spiritual world. Thus, the spiritual world is absolutely opposite to the mundane world. So, a spiritual one is not compatible to the mundane world.

The Lotus

However, the Spiritual Scientists have developed some arts to maintain balance between these two; they have introduced some techniques to maintain spirituality while living in mundane world. So that, by practicing them, one day a worldly one will jump into Spiritual World and will start sole journey to the Ultimate Goal of Life i.e., NIRVANA.

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Sri Yogi Anand is an ordained Himalayan Yogi, Yoga Mediation Master, Spiritual Guru, Life Coach, Writer, Eloquent Speaker, and Founder of Adwait Foundation® and Adwait Yoga School.

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