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A Truth of Death

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The life is followed by death, and death culminates in the birth in order to fulfill the remaining desires, till final salvation or Nirvana or Moksha, which in fact is the extinction of all cravings and desires.

Death is sweet; it must be experienced while living in the body through practices of yoga and meditation. When it is realized while alive, the physical death becomes very peaceful and easy. Moksha or Kaiwalya or Nirvana is nothing but the Forever death of ‘bhawa’ (be-comings). All Enlightened ones love this forever death of those things of individuality which are inevitably bound to death, however, there is something which is beyond death, which is called Amrut (immortal), and that is nothing but the Truth which is unborn, un-originated, unformed and un-created. Whatsoever is born, originated, formed and created can never escape the death. This is only the Truth which is unborn hence immortal.

That Truth can’t be expressed, as it doesn’t have nature to express, because as soon as it would express it would be bound to pass away. The Truth has never been expressed, whatever has been expressed is nothing but dying elements. When one sees this immutable truth one becomes silent, doesn’t intend to even talk about the Truth, as that too would be futile.

To become silent forever is Nirvana. All physical talking, discourse, conversations of Kaiwalyanishtha (emancipated yogis) are just to point that final death. Post to this psychic death, the corporeal life remains just for the sake of others, and also due to Prarabdha. Thereafter, one lives as Videha (body free one). To achieve this state itself is the purpose of all kinds of Yoga, Sadhana, Bhakti, etc. This psychic death is extremely sweet, very joyous, very blissful if it’s experienced intentionally. That’s why Siddha Guru Gorakhnath says,
मरौ वे जोगी मरौ, मरण है मीठा।
तिस मरणीं मरौ, जिस मरणीं गोरष मरि दीठा॥२६॥
हे जोगी मरो , मरना मीठा होता है | किन्तु वह मौत मरो जिस मौत से मरकर गोरखनाथ ने परमतत्व के दर्शन किए |
यह मरना सामान्य मृत्यु नहीं इसे भौतिक अस्तित्व का अंत नहीं समझना चाहिए ,योग मार्ग में तो विश्वास चला आता है की योगी कभी मरता नहीं,मरने का अर्थ है जीवन्मुक्ति| भौतिक अर्थ में तो व्यक्ति के जीवन का अंत ही सा हो जाता है, अब वह परमार्थ के लिए जीता है |
O Yogi die, (psychic) death is so sweet.
Die in the way, Gorakh died.

Buddha had given very long discourse on this psychic death. A short description is mentioned in his Lankavatar Sutra. He calls it ‘Achintya Parinam chyuti’ (inconceivable transformational death). He says, the true life starts after this death only.


If one doesn’t experience this consciously with yogic effortless efforts (of let go) the corporeal death becomes traumatic, hence normal people fear the death, but a Yogi doesn’t.

I have just recently seen the death of my father, he was extremely poised before and during the death. No trace of fear of death. He was very peaceful, established in his Swaroop (Soul). One of my friends, earlier an ascetic, now leading normal spiritual life, was surprised to see the peace, tranquility and spirituality on his face. That was just due to he lived whole life Yoga, let go, body free state. Though he was not Yogi like Gorakhnath, Buddha, but just after simple practices of Spirituality one can gain this mental state of Videha (non attachment, non-identification with the body).

Baboojee revered father

The death is ultimate and inevitable, but that is sweet for Yogis but frightening for un-yogis, as Yogi accepts all that is Truth and inevitable, and rejects all that is beyond control. Everything, everyone, every phenomenon is transient, not controllable, not malleable, hence the efforts to save them is futile. A Yogi accepts the all kinds of Truth.

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