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Mind, Meditation and Enlightenment

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Meditation is nothing but the opening of mind by removal of the defilements accumulated since our conceptions / uncountable & inconceivable past lives, in order to realize / actualize our True or Buddha (Enlightened & Awakened) Mind. When we completely remove the filth by constant and uninterrupted meditation, the light of our own mind shines forth and illumines our whole being as well as others, and in the meridian of that Divine Mind’s light everything becomes obvious and apparent, the being becomes enlightened.

The filth can be removed by introspection, analysis, awareness and ultimately by meditation. The right meditation makes one both to see and to understand how the filth arises, gets accumulated and covers the mind. Meditation can be practiced by avoiding both extremes – luxury and austerity. This is what called ‘The Middle Path’ by Gautam Buddha.

The filth is generated by fear, restlessness, fickleness, anxiety, tension, and these are caused by merely Ignorance or Avidya (not knowing the Truth). When one seeks the solace, peace and joy in transient and impermanent things, and get attached to them, the fear of losing them engulfs the one, and tries to save them, make them permanent, but when becomes unsuccessful in it, restlessness, anxiety and tension arises, and dims the vision of mind, and the life becomes gloomy.

Perceiving truth in untruth, permanence in impermanence,  joy in sorrow, solace in transient things thickens the ignorance.

Instinctively man seeks happiness, but ignorantly explores it in the things/ones/situations which are transient and impermanent, and eventually desert him, and leave behind the sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief and despair. The more he seeks the happiness in such temporary things, the more he is bound to experience the sadness after they leave him, or while separating from them. The fear of separateness, deserting frightens the man.

Defilements on mind take place by clinging to the agreeable and pleasurable things, ones, situations, cherishing and retaining them secretly in the core of heart, similarly the dirt is generated by hating the things, ones, situations too, which don’t gratify the ego and self, and thereby averting, the mind remains defiled. Rather than clinging and averting, an aspirant should endeavor to remain in the absolute middle, thinking both ends are unsafe & dangerous, have nothing to do with me; this is what called Samata or Equanimity. A meditator needs to remain always in the middle, in the centre, in Samata or Equanimity. In the degree Equanimity is developed and established, the Life becomes attuned, free and established in Nirvana, subsequently the light of Mind shines forth, and enlightens the being; an un-surpassing Bliss is experienced, thereby life becomes enlightened, vibrant, rich, happy moreover Blessed.

The purpose of life is not accumulation of wealth, name, fame and power, but the achievement of Nirvanic or Enlightened Mind, by practicing meditation. Nirvanic or Enlightened Mind is unconditionally Peaceful, Luminous, Selfless, Compassionate and Kind. Through meditation an aspirant practices and develops these virtues.

So long defilements remain covering an individual mind, the intellect remains dull, confused and unable to perform appropriately. But the moment defilements are cleared away intellect becomes brilliant and dynamic, individual mind becomes indivisible Mind, individual disappears and indivisible appears, limited & finite self is vanished and unlimited & infinite Self comes into sight.

Defilements are nothing but the duality: clinging and aversion, luxury and austerity, agreeable and non-agreeable, pleasure and pain, and out of the duality anger, ill will, violence and calamity arise. These are the relatives and family members of duality. In other words, defilement can be defined as Selfishness. Selfishness is the greatest and ultimate defilement which makes one wretched, poor, gloomy, angry and violent, so as to cause the sufferings to oneself as well as the society. Any trace of selfishness hinders the way to prosperous and happy life. Selfishness is the cause of corruption and disaster, and selflessness is the cause of harmony, peace, prosperity, divinity and happiness.

Being Spiritual is being Selfless. All desires arise in order to gratify the self. Desires for huge money, big house, power, respect, etc. arise because desirous one seeks the security, peace, fulfilment and happiness in them, but in truth, the security, peace, fulfilment and happiness don’t lie in them. If this had been truth, Prince Siddharth Gautama, Mahavir, Bodhidharma, Osho wouldn’t have left them back. Either they were true or the tempted ones are true, but certainly formers were true and wise.

To practice, develop and establish the undefiled mind, non-attached mind, brilliant mind, selfless mind, and enlightened mind is the sadhana, and to achieve it perfectly is the accomplishment of life.

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Sri Yogi Anand is an ordained Himalayan Yogi, Yoga Mediation Master, Spiritual Guru, Life Coach, Writer, Eloquent Speaker, and Founder of Adwait Foundation® and Adwait Yoga School.

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